The One and Only

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Beer Bash

It was a friday evening after a grinding week at college for deeone and his friends. Deeone was stressed out in particular as he had made it to classes one day more than his usual three days. They decided to goto the nearby pub to remove their frustrations with some beer. Deeone ordered the most expensive alcohol and with the first sip got the kick of his life. Soon all the sad people became audience to continuous laughter, even the most serious discussions appeared comical to deeone.
What began as a memorial meeting had seemed to be a memorable event. The apparent stress of the week took its toll on deeone as he fell asleep when it was about time to leave for home. The bill was shared between the awake members and deeone's cab to home was paid for by the mates. They went home satisfied thinking atleast one of them could de-stress during the evening.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Love at first sight

It was a gloomy evening and Deeone was walking across a bus station when he heard a breaking sound of thick eye glasses. He spotted it despite the darkness and went to return to its owner who happened to be a teenage lady. They looked at each and it was love at first sight. So began countless dinners together (in spirit) since Deeone always happened to end up in the wrong restaurant.
Months passed in high spirits and it was birthday time for the lady. All her friends and Deeone were invited and they had a great time though he turned up just couple of hours late. Next day Deeone received a special note from his loved one for presenting the most unique birthday gift. And who could blame her. While others gifted teddy bear & tweety dolls, he presented a wall clock with an alarm that sounded like a prison bell & a jeans trouser which fitted a 5 yr old perfectly.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Winner at the Casino

Deeone went along with 10 of his smartest mates to a popular Casino. He opted to watch as they played with remarkable consistency and accuracy. Before evening they had accumulated 500 reward points and decided to call it a day.
As a token of courtesy, deeone took ownership of collecting the reward and distribution. On the way 300 points went into his pocket and he was soon back to spread around the winnings.
The mates were told about the mistake in the prize and it was only worth 200. Since deeone hadn't contributed towards the victory the 200 points reward was shared only between his 10 friends.
Despite the reduction the friends went home happy with additional pride for their selfless outstanding mate.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Application Request

Everyone was sending a request for Application forms to join college and deeone wrote this.

"Dear Madame/Sur
I am deeone and 18 yrs older than what i was many years back so now i think i can join college.
Can you send me your application form for my application for your college before my last date for filling is over as per your college. Please be fair to me as I am not that tall. I don't know how not to thank you for your promptless.

Your regards

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Riding the Bike

Deeone's best friend got a bike from his parents on his 18th birthday. The grey vehicle was the star attraction as all the friends met in the evening to test it out. Deeone was the last to try since he came in late by 5 mins.
The night was approaching as Deeone speeded off on the 300CC bike with the proud owner on the back seat. Soon the others got a faint glimpse of a metallic spark and heard a loud thud as the bike accelerated straight at the first sharp road bend.
In a state of shock they went running to accident spot and saw deeone whole and hearty checking out his watch. They also noticed that bike's leg clutch was broken and its owner was clutching his broken leg.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Visit to the Zoo

The science project team had a group tour to the Zoo and Deeone was part of it. It was a day long study tour in the Zoo area. However within minutes of entering it Deeone faked tiredness and told the group leader he needs rest and would catch up with them later in the day.
The day turned out to be really exerting yet exciting for the school team so they didn't realize the absence of Deeone. The group leader took the day end roll call and nobody was missing.
On the way back the leader asked Deeone whether he found any place to relax in the Zoo. Deeone pointed at a green park across a barbed wire fence and 20 feet wide gutter. Offcourse neither read a yellow board near the fence with the names of 3 African lions.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Birthday Bash

It was Deeone's 13th birthday so he decided to invite his friends to a birthday party on this lucky friday. The lunch treat was arranged at an expensive restaurant and all of them had a lip smacking delicious food. It was time for deserts when Deeone realized that he forgot his money at home and rushed home to retrieve it while the ice-cream orders were on.
As time passed most of the people left the scene and only Deeone's two best friends were still waiting for him to return.
Soon it was dinner time and Deeone sent a message to his pals that he was stuck in the traffic and requested his close mates to payoff the Bill as he would return the amount next day. The next day came and so did many more birthdays but the money never did.